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Monitor your air valves anytime, anywhere


ARISENSE provides unprecedented “remote” visibility into your air valves and pipes, reducing operational costs and preventing fines caused by Leakage, Overflow, Clogging, Tilting, Tamper, High Pressure and Flooding. ARISENSE is adapted both for wastewater and water transmission systems.

ARISENSE employs a combination of sensors integrated within the air valve itself that continuously monitors its function and performance, and transmit data to you.






Why ARISENSE Makes Great Sense


Gain 24/7 “remote” visibility into the functioning of your air valves

Receive instant alerts about Leakage, Overflow, Clogging, Tilt, Tamper, High Pressure or Flooding

Detect potential failures or faults and identify air valves in need of immediate maintenance

Cost-effective maintenance Plan your inspections and servicing according to real needs

Get Pressure data that helps protect your pipeline system against leaks & blockage

Reliable & advanced Air Valve that builds on the A.R.I. air valve expertise and technology you trust




ARISENSE is available in the following models:


arisense d040


             D-040 L AS

 download type pdf D-040 L ARISENSE IOM
arisense d020


D-020 AS

 download type pdf D-020 ARISENSE IOM
arisense d025l


               D-025 L AS

 download type pdf D-025 L ARISENSE IOM
arisense d025as


                 D-025 AS

 download type pdf D-025 ARISENSE IOM


 arisense inst

arisense inst