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NR-010 | Check Valve with Removable Cover


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PN 10


The NR-010 Check Valve is compatible for installation in horizontal pumps or boosters. The check valve prevents the return flow of water to its source and provides quiet closing and total sealing of the sealing face.
The check valve is designed for free flow of liquids without interference and with minimal head loss.
The check valve is made from composite materials to withstand highly abrasive conditions and to ensure long-term service in corrosive liquid environments such as seawater, brine and chlorine water.

Características principales

  • Working pressures: Up to 10 bar.
  • The body of the valve is made from composite materials.
  • The valve connects between flanges.
  • The valve is supplied together with seals for the flanges.
  • The spring assembly mechanism is outside of the flow cross-section and can be replaced without removing the valve from the line.
  • Maximum working temperature: 60° C.

Note: For applications requiring a working temperature above the maximum stated or below 50 C., please consult first with the A.R.I. Applications Engineering Dept.

Selección de la válvula

  • The NR-10 is available in diameter sizes 3", 4".
  • The valve is available with a reed switch that transmits a contact signal upon the start of flow or its discontinuance (pump safety mechanism), Model NR-010-LS.
  • The valve is also available for pressures of up to 16 bar, Model NR-020.


For best suitability, it is recommended to send the fluid chemical properties along with the valve request.
Upon ordering, please specify: model, size, working pressure, thread and flange standard and type of liquid.

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