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D46-3 D-043The Pro - A Winning Combination of Simplicity and Ingenuity

The "Pro" - a unique technological development which combines: high capacity capabilities with a simple and compact structure; full protection of the pipeline and transmission system; easy than ever handling, installation and maintenance.

The PRO Series, models D-43, D-46 are innovative and distinct (SMART & SIMPLE):

  • One-piece body, less parts- reduces risk of leaks, less chance of vandalism
  • Smaller (in size and weight), easier to maintain
  • Can easily be upgraded to a Non-Slam valve by just adding the adjustable NS disc.
  • Working pressure up to 25 bar. Sealing pressure from 0.1 bar to 25 bar.

Pro Model D-43 2": With its unique combination of features, the PRO is the ideal choice for use in agricultural systems. There are two different working pressures to choose from – 0.05 -10 bar and 0.1 to 16 bar.