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S 10HC BLUES 10HC STSTThe New S-10HC High Capacity Automatic Air Release Valve

To meet the request of many designers, A.R.I. has developed a special air valve for installation on water lines and around the pumps, one that operates at extremely high flow rates.
The air valve releases high capacities of air trapped in transmission systems operating under pressure, which:
- provides efficient and full operation of the water stream
- reduces situations of head loss and surge phenomena
- ensures accurate measurement of water use

The S-10HC automatic air release valve is available in sizes 3/4 ", 1", 2" with threaded connections or with flanged connections (2" only) - suitable for working pressures up to 25 bar and seals at 1 meter.

Available in both ductile iron and stainless steel castings.

A promising activity report has recently been received from the new S-10HC installations in Spain.