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1D-065 M1 | 2”-8” | 40 bar
2NR-040 | 3”-24” | 16 bar
3D-060 M1 | 3”-12” | 16 bar
4D-023 | 3”-4” | 16 bar
5D-025 | 2”-4” | 10 bar
6D-040 | 3/4”-2” | 10/16 bar
7D-040 STST | 3/4”-2” | 16 bar
8AV-010 | 3/4”-3” | 10 bar

A.R.I. is a major supplier of air valves to the mining industry. Air valves are essential in many areas of the mining industry. These include installations on the potable water lines, solution transmission lines from the ponds to the heap leach pads, major
transmission lines, tailings and slurry lines, PLS and barren lines to and from the processing plants, distribution lines on the heap leach pads and on dust control systems.

A.R.I. has the knowledge to adapt and customize its product line to meet the wide-range and expanding needs of the mining industry. Air valves must conform to the specific needs of each application. For potable water lines, A.R.I. supplies NSF approved air valves. For transmission lines, A.R.I. air valves are supplied according to the type of solution in the pipeline. For acidic solutions, A.R.I. has a full line of stainless steel, HASTELLOY®, super duplex as well as other types of castings. For basic solutions, A.R.I. has a full line of ductile iron and steel castings. All the internal parts of the A.R.I. mining products are non-corrosive and specifically adapted to the working environment. A.R.I. also has a wide range of specialty coatings to enhance product sustainability and these include fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), electro less nickel, Halar®, cataphoretic coating, and Greenkote®.

A.R.I. air valves are supplied in a wide range of pressures. The low pressure air valves seal at 0.05 bar and the High-Pressure air valves can reach working pressures of 100 bar.
One of the main problems encountered in the mining industry is the plugging and leaking of air valves caused by suspended solids in the solutions and slurry lines. A.R.I. is able to supply the mining industry with a full line of industrial type air valves which have the ability to separate the suspended solids in the solution from the sealing mechanism of the air valve. These industrial air valves keep the seals free from debris. They air valves are available in a wide range of product types, pressures and materials.