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Quality and Environmental Policy Statement A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories Ltd.

The management of A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories Ltd. is committed to constantly strive for the improvement of its work procedures, technology, services and customer obligations at all levels of the organization. As such, the management undertakes to diligently enhance and improve its safeguards for environmental quality maintenance. All aspects of operations and customer
services will perform according to the requirements set down by the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The company management will provide the resources needed for the existence and continual improvement of its quality and environmental management systems and manage them as one integrated system. The company management will dedicate the resources needed in order to adhere to and carry out the requirements of the laws, statutes, regulations, orders and other requirements in the various fields of its operation and in the field of environmental protection.

The company management views its employees as partners in its success, and, therefore, will furnish resources for quality training and for raising their awareness to environmental quality issues and the importance of preserving nature’s assets. Likewise, management will ensure the maintenance of a clean and organized work environment. The company management regards its suppliers as partners that contribute to the success of the organization. Therefore, the company management will invest in the resources that will ensure their adherence to the company’s quality requirements and will work to enhance their awareness to the importance of saving the environment .The company management will dedicate the resources and means necessary to guarantee for the reduction and elimination of all damaging influences on the environment as a result of its activities such as: sewage, land pollution, solid waste disposal, etc. The company management will act to reduce its use and dependence on natural resources such as energy and water, thus helping to preserve the environment.

Signed by the CEO
Ariel Sagi


certifcate 0007 ISO 9001 ISO 9001: 2008
Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008
certifcate 0003 SGS

SGS Certificate Certificate of Registration, Comply with EN 1074 Valves for
water supply

certifcate 0008 ISO 14001 2004  

ISO 14001-2004
Environment Standard ISO 14001-2004

certifcate 0002 SVGW  

Swiss Certification for Drinking Water

certifcate 0001 VGW

OVGW Certificate
Austrian Drinking Water Certification

certifcate 0000 WRAS

WRAS Certificate
Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

certifcate 0006 NSF  

Drinking Water System Components- Health
Effects – Authorized Registered Formula.

certifcate 0005 PZH  

PZH Certificate
Poland Drinking Water Certification

certifcate 0004 DVGW  

DVGW Certificate
German Drinking Water Standard, Compliance
with the European Standard EN 1074 Valves
for water supply.

certifcate 0009 ACS  

ACS Certificate
French Drinking Water Standard