S-050LP | Automatic Air Release Valve "Segev"


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The S-050LP Automatic Air Release Valve is a low pressure air valve. The sealing mechanism is built with a very soft and sensitive seal. On one hand, it enables the full and effective discharge of air and, on the other hand, the air valve will close and seal tightly when water fills the valve, even if the water pressure is particularly low.

The S-050LP series Automatic Air Release Valve releases accumulated air from the system while it is under pressure. The presence of air in a water system can reduce the effective cross sectional flow area resulting in increased pressure loss and deceased flow. Unwanted air may also cause water hammer and metering inaccuracies, while hastening corrosion. In spite of its compact and light weight structure, the S-050LP series Automatic Air Release Valve has a 12mm² orifice that enables it to release air at high flow rates and is not exposed to obstruction by debris.

Product Features

  • Single chamber air valve, directly operated by the flow medium.
  • Releases entrapped air from pressurized systems.
  • Available in sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1" - BSP / NPT – male threaded conections.

Materials and Corrosion Protection

  • Body made of high strength composite material; all operating parts are made corrosion- resistant materials.
  • Float made of foamed polypropylene.

Application Range

  • Working pressure range: 0.05-6 bar.
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60°C.
  • Maximum intermittent temperature: 90° C.
  • For low pressure systems.


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Last Updated on: Thursday, 01 August 2019