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Coal Bed Methane and Shale Gas

The capturing of the methane gas is dependent on the removal of the water from the coal seams. The CBM industry is interested in improving the efficiency of the water conveyance in the pipelines without causing ecological damage due to water leakage and spills. In hydraulic fracturing, the efficient transmission of water into the shale gas layers and the removal of the resultant production water are greatly improved with the installation of appropriate air valves.

A.R.I. provides multiple solutions to increase flow efficiency in these industries.
A.R.I. air valves, with a wide working pressure range of 150 psi (PN 10) up to 560 psi (PN 40), allow for installation in changing topographical areas with changing pressure demands. The main benefits of these types of air valve are their ability to eliminate the phenomenon of throttling and gas locks in the pipeline.

The main attributes of installing A.R.I. air valves on these water lines:

  • High flow rates without obstruction.
  • Maintaining pipe pressure at acceptable levels.
  • Preventing leaks from the air valves.
  • Protecting the pipelines from damages caused surge and pressure transients.