Check Valves

Check, one way or non-return valves are directional accessories for fluids, which permit the flow of fluid within a pipe in only one direction.

Check valves have many uses, such as:

  • Determination of the flow direction in fluid systems in which there are multiple sources of fluid supply.
  • Prevention of any return flow to the pumps after pumping stops.
  • Maintenance of fluid level during delivery to the pump if the supply source runs low.
  • Prevention of drainage from high to low areas.

There are several different types of check valves:

Swing operation valves, top opening valves, angled sealing flap valves, dual leaf valves, wafer type valves, spring loaded valves.

The development, engineering and manufacturing divisions at A.R.I. provide the developers, installers, users and maintenance personnel with a broad range of check valves for use in a wide variety of applications. A.R.I. check valves are designed for use in industry, wastewater, desalination plants, for hot water systems, raw water, sea water, agriculture and landscape, potable water and water treatment plants, municipal water supply lines and offshore oil rigs.