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Hydraulic Control Valves

The Eliptix line of hydraulic control valves is based on a unique technology that combines an oval- shaped innovative design with improved valve performance for all hydraulic parameters. This major change utilizes a different geometric form for a self-operating control valve. It enables full modulation capabilities at very low operating pressure, providing optimal system protection from transient pressures and unmeasured non-revenue water.

These exceptional pressure-reducing capabilities in a fully controlled valve operate even at minimal flow. They strengthen A.R.I.’s well-known position as a leader in hydraulic system protection, whose valves are employed successfully in the areas of irrigation, waterworks & POG systems. The Eliptix line of hydraulic control valves offers accurate, stable and excellent regulating capabilities for a wide range of flow rates - from drip up to maximum flow. They require exceptionally low operating pressure for valve operation and opening, respond quickly yet gradually to fluctuations in flow rates, as well as create minimal head loss and increased revenue.

The Eliptix line is designed with an exceptionally simple mechanism and a minimal amount of moving parts, These valves deliver reliable operation, extended durability and cavitation prevention which results in significant cost reduction and minimal, fast and simple inline maintenance.