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About Us

Who We Are


With over 40 years of industry experience, commitment to service, reliability and innovation, A.R.I. Flow control Accessories LTD is a leading manufacturer and provider of solutions for the protection of liquid transmission systems worldwide. The company manufactures and markets a complete line of air valves, check valves, control valves and unmeasured flow reducers (UFR) as well as providing software system analyses for surge and air valve sizing and placement.

A.R.I. markets its product and analysis solutions in the following markets:

  • Water supply and wastewater disposal systems (urban and rural).
  • Industrial applications (desalination plants, mining and gas industries, hot water systems).
  • Agriculture and landscape.

A.R.I. is firmly committed to quality and to protecting the environment and is ISO 9001 , OHSAS 18001 and ISO14001 certified.

Founded in Israel under the ownership of Kfar Haruv AGS, A.R.I. now has subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, Russia, China, South Africa, France, Brazil, Mexico and markets in over 90 countries worldwide.

What We Do

A.R.I. system solutions protect the pipeline from destructive forces such as surge, pressure transients and entrapped air. These are the leading causes of pipeline bursts, fractures and cracks which cause irreparable environmental damages such as water losses from leaks, pathogen and contaminant intrusion through pipe cracks and energy losses from inefficient flows. A.R.I. is committed to solving these problems by providing a system analyses that helps reduce surge related phenomena and select the most efficient A.R.I. air valves and size and locate them on the liquid transmission system.

Another innovative product which lowers water losses in the consumer market is the Unmeasured Flow Reducer (UFR). The UFR, installed near the water meter, will detect household leaks and change the flow regime to enable the measurement of previously unmeasured water flow into the home.

What We Offer

A.R.I. bases its success on its three marketing strengths; sustainable products, excellent customer service and support, and innovation. A.R.I. successes have propelled the company to be recognized as a world leader in the irrigation and wastewater air valve market as well as enjoy a significant presence in the water transmission market. The company's ongoing ability to provide its customers with learning tools and hands-on training has increased their awareness and ability to conserve water and energy, reduce water pollution, and reduce water losses in all types of pressurized liquid transmission systems.

A.R.I. introduced the revolutionary concept of providing, not only innovative products, but also customized solutions for the protection of liquid transmission systems. These software aided solutions changed the rules of the game by bringing the customer and the solution provider in closer contact.

What Defines Us

A.R.I. remains in close contact with the customer and provides him with training seminars and technical material, giving the client the knowledge necessary to analyze and choose the appropriate method of protection for the transmission system. A.R.I. products comply with international standards. The company has registered over 7 patents to protect its intellectual property throughout the world. A.R.I. employees are position trained on a high level, both technically and academically, in addition to having vast work experience. A.R.I. has the ability to analyze the customer's needs in terms of protecting his water systems from surge and pressure changes, and advise him how to protect his system from physical damage and reduce water losses, save energy and prevent water contamination and pathogen intrusion.