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R-20 R 2W | ELIPTIX - Pressure Reducing Control Valve


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The Eliptix Pressure Reducing Valve Model R-20 R automatically reduces upstream pressure to a predetermined downstream pressure, which remains steady and unaffected by either fluctuating inlet pressure and /or changing flow rate.

The Pressure Reducing Valve consists of an Eliptix Valve series R-20 and a 2-way Pilot control system.

The Eliptix R-20 R maintains a constant downstream pressure within a narrow pressure range.

If the downstream pressure changes slightly, the control system responds immediately by operating the Eliptix valve, in order to modulate the flow. Downstream pressure is therefore, accurately maintained.

Pressure adjustment is made simple by a single adjusting screw on the Eliptix Pilot control (2-way regulation system)

Product Features

  • Rugged, high quality construction meets applicable engineering standards
  • Long service life and low maintenance
  • Unique technology, innovative design and performance
  • Free and unobstructed liquid flow with minimal head loss
  • Designed to reduce cavitation
  • Elliptic diaphragm reacts faster with less movement
  • Small control chamber enables quicker response


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Last Updated on: Thursday, 01 August 2019