NR-47 | Removable Cover Check Valves


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PN 6 / 10 / 16


A check valve with a resilient disc, allows for one-directional flow and prevents liquid return to its source.

This valve has a removable upper cover which allows for the cleaning and maintenance of the valve without the need to remove it from the pipeline.

The valve disc is rubber-coated and attaches to a shaft, which is locked into the valve body.

Sealing is performed by the closing of the disc up against the valve seat, located at the inlet to the body.

Product Features

    • Valve size range: 2" – 20"
    • Work pressure: 6/10/16 bar
    • Maximum working temperature: 60°C.
    • Valve coating: oven-cured blue epoxy
    • Cast body made to withstand surge
    • Internal parts are made of durable non-corrosive materials, allowing for long term operation under harsh conditions.
    • Minimal energy losses and smooth water flow, achieved by the complete elevation of the disc into the upper cover opening.
    • Vulcanized disc – for sealing at low pressure and preventing wear of the sealing area
    • The disc is reversible - doubling the life time for use
    • Soft sealing according to Standard EN 12334
    • Rubber stoppers restrain the movement of the disc at the maximum opening height; no contact between coated metal parts prevents damage to the coating.
    • Can be mounted horizontally and vertically
    • Suitable for different types of liquids.
    • The valve is manufactured flanged according to European standard EN-1092

Application Range

  • Size Range: ¾”, 1” male threaded BSP and NPT connections.
  • Available in ductile iron and stainless steel.
  • Valve coating: fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating in compliance
    with the standard DIN 30677-2.
  • Other coatings are available upon request.

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Last Updated on: Thursday, 01 August 2019