Water Loss Reduction


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Apparent (commercial) Water Losses

A major cause for apparent water losses is the fact that domestic water meters have difficulty in measuring very low flow rates, mainly below Qmin.

The minimum flow rate (Qmin), where an accuracy of +/–5% is required by the appropriate ISO standard for small domestic water meters (Qn 1.5), is 30 l/h for class

B water meters, 15 l/h for class C water meters and 11.25 l/h for class D water meters.

Loss of income due to the under-registration of water meters at low flow rates

Under-registration of low flow rates is the main reason for apparent water losses and it can account for 5%-10% of the total water sold to users by the water utility. For old water meters, where the measuring starting point is higher and for houses with water storage tanks, apparent water losses can be more than 10%.

A.R.I.’s Solution: UFR - Unmeasured-Flow Reducer

UFR - Is a smart and simple product, installed in the domestic water supply line (In-Line), adjacent to the water meter.

UFR - At low flow rates, changes the flow regime to batches that the water meter can measure.


Last Updated on: Monday, 02 April 2018