NR-034 | Swing-Type Non-Return Valve


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PN 16 - DN 50 - 350


The NR-034 Swing-Type Non-Return Valve allows for one directional flow and prevents the return flow of the liquid to its source.

This check valve is designed for installation on horizontal pumps, boosters and filtration systems, preventing return flow and providing for quiet closure and total sealing of the sealing face.
The length of the NR-034 check valve is designed to allow installation between two flanges of short spacing, allowing for installation of the check valve in small and narrow systems.

Product Features

  • The NR-034 check valve is available in the size 2”
  • 2" – with the extended shaft
  • 2" – with the short shaft
  • Working pressure: 16 / 25 / 40 / 64 / 100 bar
  • Maximum working temperature: 90°C.
  • Surge-resistant cast stainless steel body.
  • Internal parts made of stainless steel.

Materials and Corrosion Protection

  • Surge-resistant body in cast iron.
  • Steel or stainless steel disc with comparable seat seal.
  • Corrosion-resistant inner parts.
  • Valve coating: fusion bonded epoxy coating according to standard DIN 30677-2.

Application Range

  • Working pressure range: 16 bar.
  • Maximum operating temperature: 90°C.
  • For potable water.

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Last Updated on: Monday, 04 November 2019