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The A.R.I. Hydraulically Controlled Check Valve (HCCV) is a multipurpose damping device for pump discharge control. The valve functions as a one-directional Flow Control Valve, a Non-Return Valve and an internal Surge Anticipation Valve, all in one unit.

The hydraulically controlled check valve consists of two major parts:

  • A single shaft check valve.
  • A hydraulic control system.

The hydraulic control system is mounted on the check valve and installed at the pump station and controls the opening and closing of the check valve disc. The valve prevents slam subsequent to pump shut-down, reduces water hammer while switching the pump on and off and alleviates surges resulting from a power failure at the pump station.

Product Features

  • Innovatively designed to specifically control surge and efficiently protect pump stations.
  • Hydraulic accumulator provides all the required counterweight, no need for additional counterweights.
  • Fully controlled closing cycle remains fully functional, even during power failure
  • Opening cycle can be timed to prevent surge and slam at pump start-up.
  • Hydraulically-opened full flow passage greatly reduces head losses and lowers energy costs.
  • Timing adjustments can be easily made on-site.
  • The HCCV acts as an internal surge relief valve.
  • Low maintenance and long working life.
  • Smooth non-slam closing of the disc.

Materials and Corrosion Protection

  • Body, cover and disc: Cast Ductile iron
  • Metal on metal seating: Phosphoric Bronze – C907 on SS 316
  • Shaft and pins|: SS 431 – 17-4PH-316
  • Shaft bearing: Phosphoric Bronze – C907
  • Internal Mechanical parts: St 37, St 52 with epoxy coating
  • Internal coating: FBE – blue RAL 5010
  • External coating: FBE – blue RAL 5010

Application Range

  • Nominal Size: 400 mm – 1000 mm
  • Pressure Rating: 10 bar, 16 bar.
  • Max. Working Temp.: 70° C
  • Electric Oil Pump: 3 phase 220 V
  • Control: 24 DVC
  • For Pump Stations - at potable water, wastewater, desalination and industrial processing plants.

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Last Updated on: Thursday, 01 August 2019