Air and Gas Pockets in Sewerage Pressure Mains

In the Netherlands, wastewater is collected in municipal areas and transported to large centralised WWTPs by means of an extensive system of pressure mains. Over the last decades these pressure mains did not receive much attention in terms of monitoring of performance or maintenance. For that reason, in practice their state of functioning is often not known.

Capacity Reduction Caused by Air Intake at Wastewater Pumping Station

In the Netherlands, wastewater is normally collected in combined sewer system and pumped to the WWTP through pressure mains. These pressure mains are a part of the system that did not receive much attention lately with respect to monitoring of performance and maintenance.

Economic Efficiency Calculation at a Moscow Sewage Station

The cost savings calculation is based on lowered head losses as a result of the installation and use of ARI air valves on the system. The results were gathered from tests that were performed over a period of time that reflected the changing working conditions at the pump station.

Effect of Air Pockets on Pipeline Surge Pressure

Through a series of analytical examples, it is demonstrated how the presence of air pockets can severely exacerbates urge peaks during pump shutdown in single water pipeline systems when operating unprotected against transient pressures. Single air pockets of small size and the to be especially problematic.

International Water & Irrigation Air Valves and Pressure Surge Suppression

Air valves are an important tool for surge dampening and suppression.

Modeling and Field Verification Study of Air Slam Conditions on kalanit Pipeline System

Air valves are integral part of long water transmission mains and are essential for removal of bulk and residual air during initial and subsequent filling operations.

Pressure Surges and Air Valve Specification

Air valves are an important tool for surge dampening and suppression. Accurate air valve specification, location and sizing are vitally essential for effective, efficient liquid flow and for sufficient pressure surge dampening and suppression.

Reducing Pressure Surge Water Losses: Combining Air Valves and Bladder Surge Tanks

Many pipelines suffer from cracks and faulty joints, seals and gaskets, resulting in water losses.

Reduction of Energy Expenses by Air Release From Pipelines

This paper deals with analysis of energy losses related to large undissolved air pockets in pipelines for water transportation.