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Capacity Reduction Caused by Air Intake at Wastewater Pumping Station

In the Netherlands, wastewater is normally collected in combined sewer system and pumped to the WWTP through pressure mains. These pressure mains are a part of the system that did not receive much attention lately with respect to monitoring of performance and maintenance.

Do Gases and Corrosive Elements in the Sewage System "Eat-Up" Your Air Valves?

Gasses and aggressive materials in wastewater systems generate often-massive corrosion in fittings and accessories installed in the systems.

Years of frustration from corrosion that “ate-up” air valves, brought A.R.I.’s R&D engineers to develop air valves that are capable of resisting the attack of the aggressive elements in the wastewater systems.

Economic Efficiency Calculation at a Moscow Sewage Station

The cost savings calculation is based on lowered head losses as a result of the installation and use of ARI air valves on the system. The results were gathered from tests that were performed over a period of time that reflected the changing working conditions at the pump station.

One-Way Air Valves

Air valves serve a number of very important functions, some of them, at times, conflict with each other.

The overall purpose of air valves is to control air in liquid conveyance systems. This control is accomplished by regulated intake or discharge of air, to or from the system.

Reduction of Damage and Hindrance to Wastewater Transmission Systems Caused by Air Pockets by Deployment of Air Valves

Recent research studies and surveys have shown that air pockets in wastewater transmission systems cause extensive damage and hindrance. Air pockets decrease flow capacity, they induce significant head losses and energy losses, they prompt serious corrosion, and they can trigger and/or enhance pressure surges. In the advent of concern for energy conservation, more and more research is invested in studying the effect of air pockets on flow efficiency and energy consumption. Conclusions are that air pockets have a very significant impact on these, especially in wastewater force mains.